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Weebee Doll Free Patterns

The Weebee doll is an adorable creation by Laura Tegg and what’s great about this particular doll is that she is quick-and-easy to make PLUS she has many different outfits, costumes, and friends.

And the best part? It’s mostly free!

Amazing designer, Laura Tegg, has quite a few doll designs and this article will feature ONLY the Standard Weebee Doll. For more doll patterns, scroll to the bottom of page and click on the links to Ravelry or the Weebee Appreciation Society.

Weebee Standard Doll Free Pattern

weebee doll

This is the basic naked doll pattern for the standard sized Weebee doll which includes a short hair cap with links to other options. You can download the PDF pattern for free from Ravelry here >> Weebee Standard doll pattern

NEW 2020 UPDATE: Rounded head

The pattern linked above also contains a second PDF to create a more rounded head for your standard Weebee.

Weebee Clothes, Outfits and Costumes

Original Girl’s outfit pattern

weebee doll girl outfit
Click on the image above to download the pattern

Original Boy’s Clothes Pattern

weebee doll boy outfit

Pretty Shells dress

weebee doll shells dress


weebee doll hoodie


weebee doll trousers


weebee doll scrubs frontline worker

Holiday Outfit

weebee doll holiday outfit

Weebee Hairstyles

You have many options when it comes to hair for your creation. You can use the hair cap included in the pattern and simply add a few locks of hair around the nape of the neck and around the face, or you can adapt one of these amazing techniques to create a truly unique Weebee doll.

Adding loose hair strands

doll long hair

Short Funky Hair

doll funky blue hair

Afro Hair Wig

doll afro hair

Wavy locks

doll wavy hair


My own Weebee called Ami:

weebee doll
The safety eyes used here are 14mm Kawaii safety eyes and they can be found in our online shop: Kawaii Safety Eyes

I created Ami with the use of the doll pattern listed at the beginning of this article. For her hair, I created the hair cap as it appears in the pattern, and then I just added wavy locks (as shown in the video above) around the bottom of the hair cap, 3/4 of the way around.

Her outfit is the dress from the original girl’s outfit. I kept it quite plain in just a navy yarn and I will definitely make more elaborate, ornate Weebees in the future, but this one looked perfect to me as is. I hope you think so too. :)

Get the right pair of eyes for your project in our online shop here: Amigurumi SA Online Shop


This list is by no means complete and you can find many more great patterns on Ravelry or on the Weebee Appreciation Society group on Facebook.

Have you created one yet? Share your pictures with us in the Amigurumi South Africa Facebook group.

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