Unicorn Macarons

Unicorn Macarons

Unicorn fever is here to stay! Unicorns are everywhere and in almost everything from clothes to food! These unicorn macarons are a fun addition to a child’s party or play set. 

They are very easy to make and you can customize them according to your own tastes or the tastes of your children.

Make them pink, make them blue, make them purple or any colour of the rainbow! Unicorns are fun for adults and kids alike.

This pattern was created by the Paint it Colorful blog.

Get the free pattern here: Unicorn Macarons pattern

You will need:

  • Cotton yarn in white, pink, blue, violet and light brown
  • Crochet hook according to the size of your yarn (for amigurumi, you usually go down a hook size or two from what the yarn recommends)
  • Embroidery thread in black
  • Felt in black color for the eyes (optional)

If you are making this for a toddler, it’s a good idea to use cotton yarn, but you can use any yarn you prefer. Cotton also shows your stitches nicely, so it’s perfect for amigurumi.

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  1. JoAnn Bell

    I’m so excited. This is my first attempt. I have started but never finish as I get confused. I think the ragdoll unicorn will help me. Thanks again!!! Sooo Much!!

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