Tiny unicorn amigurumi

Tiny unicorn amigurumi

Unicorns don’t have to be big and majestic to be magical. This tiny unicorn is a great project for a keychain or handbag charm.

This tiny unicorn amigurumi from Ahooka Amigurumi is only 8 cm tall when made with sport weight yarn and a 2.5 mm hook. 

You can customize your tiny unicorn by choosing different colours for the mane or body. You could even give him blue eyes if you want.

Don’t worry if the website looks a bit dodgy. I tested the site to see if it’s legit and if you actually get your ebook. And it’s all good – I received the ebook right away and I was impressed with the quality of the booklet. The ebook contains 6 great patterns for tiny amigurumi, including a ghost and a set of valentine bunnies.

Download the free ebook with the pattern here: Tiny Unicorn Amigurumi

Have you made a tiny unicorn or do you have a question about the pattern? Post your comments below.

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