10 Free Cuddle Size Amigurumi Patterns
10 Free Cuddle Size Amigurumi Patterns

10 Free Cuddle Size Amigurumi Patterns

Cuddle size toys are so, well, cuddly and comforting to young and old alike. You can pretty much adapt any amigurumi pattern to make a bigger, cuddle size toy by…

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7 Magical Mermaid Amigurumi Patterns

Keen to make a mermaid amigurumi? This list of mermaid amigurumi patterns includes five free patterns and two best-selling paid patterns for your crocheting enjoyment. To get the pattern you…

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Marine Animals Amigurumi Patterns

The ocean is full of amazing creatures from sharks and whales to jellyfish and octopi, and I love these beautiful patterns that bring them to life. Paid shark pattern by…

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Christmas Amigurumi Patterns

Christmas decorations are a dime a dozen, but it's not easy to find items that don't look cheap, kitsch or overdone. The easiest way to get the perfect ornaments and…

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Harry Potter Amigurumi Patterns

Today, 16 November 2018, is the day that the new Harry Potter movie, Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald! Make one of these cute toys to take with you…

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Teddy Bear amigurumi pattern roundup

Love teddy bears? Here's the ultimate roundup of cute amigurumi and crochet patterns for teddy bears of all shapes and sizes. All of these patterns are free. Free Teddy Bear…

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Sleepy Bear amigurumi pattern

This sleepy bear is the perfect addition to a little baby's nursery or a toddler's bed. He is fairly easy to make in any yarn and colour of your choice.…

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Cuddle Me Bear amigurumi pattern

Teddy bears are one of the most beloved children's toys ever. Named after Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, a teddy bear is a soft toy in the form of a bear. Teddy…

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Elephant amigurumi

Say hello to Gustav, the highly skilled balancing elephant. He is the only circus elephant we ever want to meet or see in action. With animal circuses going out of…

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Harriet the hippo amigurumi

Hippos might be one of Africa's most deadly animals, but they sure look adorable with their squishy faces and fat rolls. Even cuter is this amigurumi pattern for Harriet, the…

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