Penguin Amigurumi Patterns

Penguin Amigurumi Patterns

Penguins are universally loved and adored. They have been made popular by Disney and Pixar in movies like Mary Poppins, Madagascar, and Happy Feet. 

We love penguins too, so it just makes sense to combine two things we love and start crocheting penguins! We’ve put together a list of amazing free patterns which will satisfy even the most picky penguin pals for our weekly roundup.

This list includes crochet patterns for everything from coasters to hats to amigurumi so you can crochet penguins to your heart’s content.

Penguin Amigurumi

penguin amigurumi

It’s almost that time of the year and this penguin amigurumi is perfect to create a bit of festive cheer in your home. This free pattern is provided by Lion Brand Yarns. You can get the full pattern here: Holiday Penguin 

amigurumi penguin

How beautiful are these penguins? This free pattern was created by Jen Hayes Creations as a simple, easy-to-use pattern for a penguin amigurumi. It’s quick and easy to make, and totally adorable. Get the free pattern here: Simple Penguin Amigurumi

amigurumi penguin pattern

It might not be the best photo, but this pattern is very cute! Get the free pattern to create your own black, white and orange penguin pattern from Jazmo Crochet: Tux, the Penguin

penguin ragdoll

This penguin doesn’t have any stuffing, it’s a ragdoll for small children. Perfect to cuddle and sleep with, this ragdoll is easy to pack and take everywhere. Get the free pattern from CrochetVerse here: Penguin Ragdoll

penguin amigurumi

These tiny penguin amigurumis are perfect for keychains and charms. Aren’t their little scarves the cutest? Created by El Gallo Bermejo, this pattern is a free Ravelry download that you can find here: Penguin amigurumi pattern

penguin amigurumi

Do you know a couple who is penguin-obsessed? This pair of penguins is perfect for a wedding cake topper or keepsake for a special wedding. The pattern was created by DDs Crochet and it’s available for free as a Ravelry download: Penguin Wedding Cake Toppers

baby penguin amigurumi

Baby penguins are the cutest things ever, but this pattern from Amigurumi Today takes it a step further by snuggling the babies with cuddly scarves and hats. Make them in any colour you like, and create your own army of penguin babies. Get the free pattern here: Baby Penguin Amigurumi

tiny penguin amigurumi

These penguins are super tiny and perfect for desk toys, key rings or special little gifts. Proudly produced by PicotPals, the free pattern for these tiny penguins includes a video and photo tutorial. Get the free pattern here: Tiny Penguins

baby penguin amigurumi

Quick and easy to make, this free pattern from La Fabrique des Songes is too cute! Get it here: Baby Penguin Crochet Pattern

Penguin Hats & Beanies

penguin hat

This penguin hat/beanie is available in sizes from premie to adult, and it’s not hard to make. This pattern was created by Repeat Crafter Me. Get the free pattern here: Crochet Penguin Hat Pattern | Repeat Crafter Me

newborn penguin hat

This adorable penguin hat is specifically for premie and newborn babies. It’s quick and easy to make. The pattern was created by Cream of the Crop Crochet. Get the free pattern here: Premie Newborn Penguin Hat

Other Penguin Patterns

penguin applique

This penguin applique can be used to create earrings, coasters and much more. You can vary your hook size and yarn to create bigger or smaller penguins to suit your project. You could even create a little penguin-shaped cable holder or organizer by creating two appliques, sewing them together on one side and attaching a latch to keep it closed. Get the free pattern from Divine Debris here: Penguin Applique

penguin pouch

Keen to keep your things organized with a cute pouch? Create your own penguin pouch with this free pattern from Repeat Crafter Me: Penguin Pouch

penguin scrubby

And last, but not least, this penguin scrubby is the perfect accompaniment to a gift basket full of beauty goodies. Made with Red Heart Scrubby Sparkle yarn, you might have to search far and wide to find a suitable yarn to create the same look if you can’t get your hands on the recommended yarn. But don’t let that stop you! Download the free pattern here: Penguin Scrubby

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