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One of the best ways to learn how to crochet is to sign up for a class at your local yarn shop or community centre. That’s how I learnt – I was shopping for yarn to knit a blanket and the cashier asked if I can crochet and suggested that I take a class. I signed up and a week later, I was crocheting granny stripes.

The great thing about these classes is that the instructor is on hand to answer your questions and correct your mistakes. It really helps to boost your confidence when someone looks at your technique and your work, and helps you to perfect it. 

My personal journey included two 3-hour classes in my local yarn shop where we learned how to crochet the granny stripe and granny square. From there, I asked the instructor if amigurumi was difficult to master, and she said it wasn’t difficult at all, you just need the right tools. 

Here are the tools you will need to start crocheting:

  • Hooks – they recommend a 4 mm and 5 mm for beginners; amigurumi is made with a 2 mm hook
  • Yarn – it’s a good idea to start with double knit (DK) yarn; amigurumi is usually made with cotton
  • Stitch markers – for amigurumi
  • Small sewing scissors
  • Tapestry needle

That’s it! You don’t need a lot of tools to start making your own amigurumi toys. Once you’ve got your tools ready, enroll in one of the classes below to learn how to crochet.

Cape Town

Knitter Knatter in Brackenfell offers weekly crochet classes by the same instructors as those from Thimbles. Enquire about their classes on Facebook: Knitter Knatter or give them a call at 021 981 2549.

Thimbles in Durbanville offers a range of classes from crochet to quilting and more. Find an updated list of upcoming classes on their website: Thimbles Classes


Charming Wool & Accessories hosts regular crochet classes at their shop. Visit their website to learn more about their classes: Charming Wool

Zau Creative offers weekly crochet classes and workshops for beginners. Learn more about their workshops here: Zau Creative

Online Classes

There are magnitudes of online classes available to teach you how to crochet. I find Youtube videos especially useful when it comes to learning a specific stitch or technique. But if you are an absolute beginner, I would recommend joining a course on Craftsy

Craftsy offers classes ranging from beginners crocheting to reading graphs and patterns. You can even learn how to design your own patterns. The classes are very organized and structured, and the course notes are incredibly useful.

Here are some useful Youtube videos I’ve found:

How to crochet a magic circle

How to create an invisible decrease

How to make a single crochet

If you host a class and you want to add it to the list above, please get in touch with me at This listing is provided free of charge.

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