Game of Thrones Amigurumi Patterns

Create your own set of house sigils with this collection of great patterns: Game of Thrones House Sigils Set. You can buy each sigil separately too if you only want to create one for your favourite house.

Hatch your own dragons with these beautiful dragon eggs. You’ve got to create three, of course. Get the pattern here: Game of Thrones Dragon Egg

Once hatched, your dragons can be made with these beautiful patterns: Game of Thrones Dragons

If you’re also a die-hard Jon Snow fan, you’ve just got to create one of these amazing amigurumi dolls. Get the pattern here: Game of Thrones Jon Snow

This applique can be used to make bookmarks or even transform an ordinary scarf or sweater into Game of Thrones fan art. Get the FREE downloadable pattern here: Game of Thrones Direwolf Pattern

Create your own fearsome pack of direwolves with this pattern on Ravelry: Game of Thrones Direwolf Pattern

What more could you ask for? No, seriously… let me know if there’s anything else we need to add to this list and we’ll make it happen!

I couldn’t find a beautiful version of Daenerys Targaryen (Khaleesi), so if you know of a pattern for one, please let me know. In the meantime, create your own Khaleesi by using a plain pattern for a beautiful amigurumi doll (female, of course) and modifying her hair, eyes and clothes to fit Khaleesi’s.

Have fun crocheting!

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