8 Free Easter Amigurumi Patterns

8 Free Easter Amigurumi Patterns

Easter weekend is one of the biggest events in the first half of the year, and it brings joy to the hearts of children and adults alike. I mean, who doesn’t like having an excuse to eat chocolate eggs?

This list of amazing free Easter amigurumi patterns is just what you need to create a fantastic Easter for you, your family, and even your co-workers.

Easter Amigurumi Patterns

First things first, you’ve got to have Easter eggs, whether they are made of chocolate, real eggs or yarn. Use this free Easter amigurumi pattern from Lalylala for Easter eggs to create long-lasting Easter eggs:

Easter Egg Amigurumi Pattern

Easter eggs are the quintessential accessory needed for a Easter egg hunt. With this free pattern, you can hide your eggs with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they won’t be accidentally eaten by a dog or other animal. You could even create one special egg that gets its finder a bonus prize. Get the free pattern here: Easter Egg Amigurumi Pattern

Easter Bunny Amigurumi Patterns

Easter bunnies are the symbol of Easter and they are depicted in folklore as bringing the Easter eggs. Create your own Easter bunny with this adorable pattern from All About Ami. These bunnies can be made in a day or less, and you can individualize them with any beautiful fabric of your choice. Get the free pattern here: Cute Easter Bunny Pattern

In a hurry to make a bunch of Easter bunnies quickly? This pattern is just perfect for just such an occasion. They are very quick and easy to make with some leftover yarn, and you can customize their faces however you want. Get the free pattern here: Easy Easter Bunnies

If you’re after a couple of unique and spunky Easter bunnies, try this pattern from Amigurumi Today. They can be made with any yarn you have on hand, and they don’t take long to create. Get the free pattern here: Easter Bunny Amigurumi Pattern

Easter Amigurumi Patterns for Baskets

You can use any colour yarn to create these quick and easy Easter egg baskets. They are simple to create, and perfect for when you need to create a few baskets in a rush. Get the free pattern here: Easter Egg Baskets Pattern

Make a couple of these baskets for your kids to have the most epic Easter egg hunt even. These baskets can hold a lot of eggs and they are bunny-themed. Plus, the little pompom tails are just the cutest. What more do you need in a Easter egg basket? Get the free pattern here: Easter Bunny Basket Pattern

Easter Amigurumi Pattern for Cup Cozy

Coffee lovers unite! Not only does coffee and chocolate eggs go great together, coffee will give you enough energy to make the most of your Easter weekend. Decorate your coffee mugs and teacups with this great Easter-themed cup cozy: Easter Cup Cozy Pattern


Create the perfect home decoration or toddler tea party snack for Easter with this adorable bunny cupcake pattern from Candy von Sweet. Get the free pattern here: Easter Cupcake Pattern PDF Download


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