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Orders are dispatched within 3-7 days & delivery can take up to 2 weeks, depending on location.

Looking for an answer to a question? Check the list below for frequently asked questions or email me at if your question is not covered below.

Do you sell patterns and finished toys?

Yes, we sell both finished amigurumi toys and patterns.

Do you take requests and custom orders?

Yes, all of our toys can be customized to fit into your colour scheme.

How do I order one of your creations?

Visit our shop page and select the toys you want, then click ADD TO CART. When you are finished browsing, click on the cart button at the top of the page to view your cart and proceed to checkout.

What is the lead time for orders?

All of our toys are handmade with care. Please allow 6 weeks from the date of order to receive your delivery. It will be worth the wait!

What yarn do you use for your toys?

I mainly use Elle Premier 100% Pure Cotton 4ply. I prefer to use cotton because it isn’t scratchy, it doesn’t fuzz and it’s great for sensitive skin. Cotton also washes well and tends to keep its shape.

Can I wash my toys?

Yes, you can throw your toys into the washing machine and tumble drier. The toy might look slightly different, but it should retain its shape and form. 

My toy was damaged. How can I repair it?

I have a toy hospital where I fix broken and damaged toys, whether it’s missing an eye or an entire limb.

I want to learn how to make amigurumi. Where should I begin?

I wrote a post about this here: Learn how to crochet

Which patterns are recommended for beginners?

I recommend starting with the Spring Bunnies.

Where do you buy your yarn? What type of yarn do you use for amigurumi?

I buy my yarn from local yarn shops like Knitter Knatter, KleenEazy, Thimbles and wherever else I find beautiful yarn in Cape Town and beyond. I prefer to use cotton for amigurumi and my favourite is Elle Premier 100% Pure Cotton 4ply with a 2 mm hook.

Where do you buy your safety eyes?

I buy my safety eyes from my local yarn shop. I have also ordered safety eyes and noses in bulk from Amazon on the occasion a friend comes to visit from the US.

What crochet hooks do you use?

I like the Addi Swing range of ergonomic hooks and the KnitPro Waves range.  

Do you really need to use a 2mm hook for amigurumi?

Yes, you need to create small, tight stitches to prevent the stuffing from peeking through your toy. It’s recommended that you go down a size or two from what the yarn indicates. For example, I use a 2 mm hook with 4ply cotton yarn while the manufacturer recommends a 3 mm hook. 

Can I link to your work in my blog or round-up?

Any time! You are welcome to link to my blog or products on your website. I’d love to know if you include me, so please contact me if you plan to include my blog or products on your website.

Are your patterns written in US or UK terms?

Most of the patterns found on this site uses US terms. 

Where can I find good patterns for free?

Ravelry is a great source of free patterns.

Are there any crochet books you recommend for beginners?

I found Crochet Know How by Karen Adendorff to be quite useful in looking up specific stitches. That said, I often still watch a Youtube video when doing a new stitch for the first time and I mainly use the book as a refresher for stitches I’m familiar with.

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