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Amigurumist Gift Guide

Need a gift for the crocheter or knitter in your life? Pick one of the great options below, and you’ll make a big impression with a small, considerate gesture.

Please note: I may earn a small commission for my endorsement to the products from this gift guide. Your purchase helps support my work in bringing you helpful information about crocheting and amigurumi.

Crocheter’s Gift Guide

Etsy Gift Card

You can’t go wrong with an Etsy gift card, no matter where you live in the world. Etsy is full of great craft tools like patterns and templates of all shapes, sizes and styles, product finishers like custom faux leather labels, and amazing finished products:

Snazzy Scissors and Cutting Tools

Every crocheter and knitter needs a good pair of scissors or two. You can’t have too many – there’s nothing as frustrating as searching for a way to cut your yarn when you’re on a roll. Take your pick from one of these beautiful options for scissors and yarn cutters:

Yarn cutters are very handy to add to a keychain and keep with you when you’re out and about. These cuties are available from Jaarn in South Africa: Sheep and Wool yarn cutters.

Classic Yarn Cutter

If you want a more celtic style of yarn cutter, invest in this one from KnitPro: Yarn Cutter.

You can wear this one around your neck or put it on a keychain to take along on your travels.

This type of yarn cutter is often easier to take with you on an airplane since scissors are restricted.

Vintage Craft Scissors

Go classic with a good pair of embroidery scissors like this beautiful antique pair: Pack of 2 Vintage Embroidery Scissors

This European style scissors with blossoms on the handles are perfect for every day use for any crafter, whether it’s knitting, crocheting, sewing or embroidery.

Pretty Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are very important for crocheters who make amigurumi or complicated patterns. Stitch markers come in all shapes and sizes, from little plastic hooks to cute ones like these. Get these funky stitch markers from Jaarn or buy in knitting and crochet stitch markers bulk from Amazon:

240 piece Colourful Crochet Stitch Markers. Each packages includes 2 packs of plastic, locking stitch markers in 10 colours.

This beautiful set of stitch markers will turn anyone into a Crochet Diva. Get them from Amazon here.

Project Bags

Crocheters and knitters need to keep their projects neat and organized, and project bags are just perfect for that. Select one of the great options below to spoil any crafter with a couple of handy bags:

From Pajama Totes to zipper bags, you can find a great selection on the Jaarn site here: Project Bags

Crochet Hook Sets

Spoil the crafter in your life with a great set of crochet hooks. Don’t be fooled if they already have every size available – you can never have too many crochet hooks. If you have more than one size of a hook, you can more easily distribute your projects and travel with them, and you don’t get stuck without a hook when you need it most.

This KnitPro Zing set available from Jaarn in South Africa includes 8 KnitPro Zing hooks in various sizes and colours, from 2 mm to 6 mm. You can also purchase it from Amazon here.

This affordable set from Woocrafts includes crochet hooks, stitch markers, tapestry needles and a cute little bag to keep everything organized. Buy it here: Woocrafts Crochet Set

A lighted hook set is the perfect gift for the crocheter who likes to crochet in bed until the early hours of the morning, or who often works with black yarn. Get this rechargeable lighted hook set here.

Crochet Notebooks

Eat, Sleep, Crochet, Repeat Notebook

Help the crafter keep their projects organized with this pretty crochet notebook. It contains 100 pages of graph paper and blank white pages to keep track of all ongoing and finished projects.

Get it here: Eat, Sleep, Crochet, Repeat Notebook

Graph paper is perfect for creating your own graphs to make beautiful graphgans and crochet artwork.

Blank, Lined Notebook

This beautiful notebook is perfect for taking pattern notes, writing down finished projects, and keeping your work organized.

Get it here: Life Chronicle notebook

This notebook is also very pretty to look at and it’s sure to cheer anyone up whenever they use it.

Crochet Lovers Journal

The Crochet Lovers Journal contains invaluable resources for the crocheter, from essential reference material to inventories, shopping lists and wishlists.

Get it from Amazon here: Crochet Lovers Journal.

This is the perfect journal or notebook to use as a dedicated resource for crochet projects.

Get this for the dedicated crocheter in your life, even if it’s yourself :)

Crochet Accessories

Yarn – Too Many Options?

You’ll notice that we didn’t include yarn in this guide. While it’s never a bad idea to get yarn for a crocheter, everyone has different preferences and tastes when it comes to their favourite yarn. So it’s a better idea to get them a voucher for their favourite yarn shop or to take them shopping for yarn.

This list is by no means complete. There are many more great options for amazing gifts for crocheters and knitters. But no matter what you choose to get for the crocheter in your life, they will definitely appreciate getting one of these presents from you.

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