4 Amazing Amigurumi Books to Buy

4 Amazing Amigurumi Books to Buy

You can’t have enough crochet or amigurumi patterns. When you spend time on Pinterest, Ravelry or other creative sites, your list of projects just keeps growing over time, from cute free patterns to expensive, complicated patterns. The list just keeps growing. 

You might rely solely on free patterns and that’s fine, but if you are keen to invest in some print books, this list is perfect for you. Take a look at the amazing collection of books below and add them to your cart when you’re ready. 

South Africans, you’ll be happy to hear that all of the books in this list can be shipped to South Africa in less than two weeks!

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Best 4 Print Books of Amigurumi Patterns 

Cutest Crochet Creations by Alison North

This adorable collection of amigurumi patterns includes 16 patterns with detailed instructions, supplies lists, and everything you need to create the cutest crochet creations. Get the book from Makro online here: Cutest Crochet Creations or from Amazon here: Cutest Crochet Creations 

Edward’s Menagerie

This book of patterns has become a cult classic for crocheters and amigurumists worldwide. Published by TOFT, the yarn manufacturer, this collection features over 40 patterns for various creatures of the animal kingdom. Get this book from Takealot here: Edward’s Menagerie or from Amazon here: Edward’s Menagerie

Animal Friends of Pica Pau

The characters in this book are unique, incredibly cute and just the thing if you want to create something special for someone special. With 20 colourful amigurumi characters to create, you can’t go wrong with this collection by Yan Schenkel. Get the book from Amazon here: Animal Friends of Pica Pau

Amigurumi Parent and Baby Animals

This has to be one of the most adorable books of amigurumi patterns. With 25 characters in total, these parent and baby animals are too cute for words. From sloths and kangaroos to butterflies and squids, these little amigurumi families are a must-have. Get the book here: Amigurumi Parent and Baby Animals


We firmly believe that there’s no such thing as too many patterns or too much yarn. Looking at patterns is inspiring and they help to keep your crojo (crochet mojo) going.

Which amigurumi pattern books do you think are the cutest? Tell us in the comments below!

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