7 Free Amigurumi Patterns for Babies & Toddlers

7 Free Amigurumi Patterns for Babies & Toddlers

Creating handmade toys for children is one of the most satisfying projects to tackle. Everyone has friends and family who are either expecting or already have small children, and it’s natural to want to create handmade gifts for them to enjoy. This list of free amigurumi patterns for babies & toddlers includes everything from baby booties and hats to mobiles and lovey blankets.

What could be cuter than creating amigurumi for babies and toddlers? We can’t think of anything… So let’s get started!

Baby Stacking Toy

At a certain point, babies start developing the need to stack things and providing a stacking toy saves you from having to repack your Tupperware cupboard for the 1000th time. This colourful stacking toy is available for free on this link: Baby Stacking Toy Free Pattern and you can also buy the PDF pattern with tutorial on Craftsy if you prefer.

Bunny Lovey Blanket

Baby loveys can be an important addition to your baby’s bedtime and naps, and it will give them something to hug and comfort them when needed. This adorable bunny lovey is available as a wonderful free pattern here: Bunny Lovey Blanket

Watermelon Sea Turtle

These cute mother and baby watermelon turtles will melt even the hardest heart. Create them both with this free pattern from Amigurumi Today: Watermelon Turtles Free Pattern or buy the PDF pattern if you prefer.

Rainy Day Baby Mobile

Bring a little sunshine, moonlight, and rainbows into your baby nursery with this sweet baby mobile. This pattern is a free PDF pattern, so don’t miss the opportunity to download it now for free: Rainy Day Mobile PDF pattern

Little Lamb Bibs

All babies and toddlers need bibs at some point because they are the messiest eaters in the world. These cute lamb bibs are quick and easy to make, and they will cheer up any parent who needs to feed a difficult toddler. Get the free pattern here: Little Lamb Bibs Free Pattern

Lamb Baby Mobile

These little lambs are made with fluffy yarn, but you can substitute another yarn like Himalaya Dolphin Baby to provide the same fluffiness. And don’t worry about missing stitches when working on that part, you won’t be able to see it anyway. Get the free pattern here: Little Lamb Baby Mobile

How cute are these booties? This pattern by Red Heart is a free PDF download and it includes an adorable pattern for a hat too. Get it now to start creating cute little bunny booties today: Bunny Hat & Booties

There you go, now you’re all set for any baby shower, birthday or surprise pregnancy that comes your way. Happy hooking!


Do you have any other must-have patterns for babies and toddlers that you’d like to share? Post your comments or photos below, we’d love to see your projects!

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