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10 Free Cuddle Size Amigurumi Patterns

Cuddle size toys are so, well, cuddly and comforting to young and old alike. You can pretty much adapt any amigurumi pattern to make a bigger, cuddle size toy by using bulkier yarn and a bigger hook.

Or you can use one of these adorable patterns and the suggested yarn/hook combo to make the most cuddly toys ever.

Click on the link below the photo to get the free pattern for each toy:

10 Free Cuddle Size Amigurumi Patterns

Who doesn’t love a little pony? These ponies are big and super cuddly! Get the free pattern for the pony from Little Yarn Friends here: My Little Pony Amigurumi Pattern

These adorable bears can be made with this pattern from Dyeing House Gallery: How to make an amigurumi bear

This duck toy was created by Projectarian for her new range of dog patterns, and we think it’s adorable for both kids and dogs. Download the free pattern on Ravelry: Rocket’s Ducky Toy Amigurumi Pattern

This little lion from Craft Passion is just too cute. Get the free pattern here: Lion Amigurumi Pattern

Frontline bear, as it is known worldwide, is a very popular creation nowadays due to the coronavirus pandemic. Get the free pattern here: Frontline bear amigurumi pattern

Storyland Amis has quite a few cuddle size amigurumi patterns, but this is the only one that’s available for free. If you like this cute panda pattern, why not give the rest of her patterns a try? Get the free pattern here: Cuddle size Panda Amigurumi Pattern

A popular pattern to make, this little frog’s outfit can be customized to suit your needs. Get the free pattern here: Frog amigurumi pattern

You can’t go wrong with a cute teddy bear, and this one is just perfect. Download the free pattern directly from Ravelry: Grey bear amigurumi pattern

No drama llama is one of the most popular amigurumi patterns for a llama and it’s not hard to see why. It’s adorable, it’s free, and you can make it with almost any yarn. Download the free pattern here: No drama llama amigurumi pattern

And last, but not least:

If you were a fan of Calvin & Hobbes, you will find this pattern invaluable. You can create your very own Hobbes for yourself or a loved one with this free pattern: Hobbes amigurumi pattern

Happy crocheting!

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